It was a personal challenge that triggered our history with Proteins: Being athletes, we set out to find the best and purest protein preparations in Greece. Since we were not able to find any, we created them! In 2013, after having conducted enduring research in raw material selection and done certified worldwide studies, we proudly became the first creators of Organic Proteins in Greece. Moreover, we created the first Proteins made of European Union rice in our country.
Having started with peas and cannabis, we constantly enrich our “Biologos” product lines, always committed to innovation and with uncompromising emphasis on pure raw materials. The outstanding Goat and Sheep Protein, exclusively made of Greek free-range goat and sheep milk is our highlight. We utilize the rare and valued Greek nutritional sources like the Cretan carob. None of our products contains colouring substances, artificial flavorants, added sugars or soy lecithin.
Our persistence in purity and quality has ultimately been rewarded. Every year we make steadily increasing progress thanks to your trust and preference in our products. We sincerely thank you all for contributing to making “Biologos” a synonym for true value.

We are among the first ones in Greece to produce Organic Butter from strictly selected organic seeds originating from the European Union. Our high-standard laboratory on Tinos island is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art cold press machinery, and the “Biologos” Butter ensures the greatest possible nutritional value, purity and clarity as well as the unique authentic taste.

As “Biologos” company, we are proud to present the invaluable Cold-Pressed Oil varieties which are among the sources that are riches in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and also quite rare due to their high quality. They are produced in our high-standard laboratory on Tinos island, from selected seeds of excellent origins, with the use of the most advanced cold press technology, without refining and filtering. Thus, at the bottom of the packaging, you will find as sediment the most nutritious seed butter!

Base oils are used either as the necessary carriers that integrate and dilute the essential oils for use in aromatherapy and cosmetology, or on their own purely for cosmetic care. Thus, it is important that they should be 100% pure, just as all the invaluable Base Oils by “Biologos”.

Essential oils are the “life force” of plants, their organic “sacred code”, their unique and inimitable “energy identity”. These invaluable and beneficial concentrates have such a stereochemical composition that allows the body to absorb them swiftly and deeply through skin and breathing. Thus, essential oils enter the “heart” of the organism and achieve instant results, contributing to wellness in a multitude of ways.

Our Cosmetics are produced with know-how and strict care in our high-standard laboratory on Tinos island, following the special approach to cosmetics at the “Biologos” company: the aim is to present care solutions that encapsulate the greatest possible cosmetic benefits using exclusively the purest possible raw material! Thus, results are much more visible and immediate that the case of cosmetic products that simply contain the raw materials among their ingredients.

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