1) Cash on delivery:
The cash on delivery fee is € 1.50. The products are sent with the cooperating courier company GENIKI TACHIDROMIKI and you pay the price upon receipt.

2) Payment by bank deposit:
When choosing to pay by bank deposit, you will receive information related to the transaction during the confirmation of the order. As soon as we receive the deposit with the order id specified, your order will be processed immediately. In case of deposit from a different bank, the transaction costs burden the client.
Beneficiary: ΒΙΟΛΟΓΟΣ ΙΚΕ
Alpha Bank
Piraeus Bank

3) Payment by PayPal
There is the possibility of payment through PayPal’s secure banking environment.

4) Payment by Credit Card, via Stripe Payments
On-line credit card payments are made through the SSL security system, which ensures that your bank details are encrypted when they are transmitted over the network. All payments made on our Website are checked and evaluated by the Stripe Payments Foundation. For all your transactions on our Website, you are insured by the Stripe Payments Foundation.

All card payments are made through the Stripe electronic payment platform with AES-256 (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL) encryption. Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches its specific recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.