Organic Coconut Oil 700ml



Base oils are used either as the necessary carriers that integrate and dilute the essential oils for use in aromatherapy and cosmetology, or on their own purely for cosmetic care. Thus, it is important that they should be 100% pure, just as all the invaluable Base Oils by “Biologos”.
Organic and extra virgin oil of the highest quality. Coconut oil is internationally renowned for its beneficial qualities. It is produced from ripe coconuts through cold pressing and has an exotic aroma.

Rich in lauric acid, vitamin Ε and medium chain fatty acids.

Coconut oil, thanks to its unique and invaluable composition as well as its production process that ensures high quality and purity, has the title of the healthiest oil among all others. It stimulates the metabolism and raises the energy levels in the body. It is rich in healthy saturated fat that has beneficial and unique effects on daily diet, compared with other fats. These fats can enhance fat burning and provide instant energy to body and brain. They also increase the so-called good HDL cholesterol in the blood, which is linked to lowering the risk of heart disease. Most fat in our diet are called long chain triglycerids, yet the fat in the coconut oil is known as medium chain triglycerids which are more beneficial since they go straight to the liver where they are used as a source of immediate energy or are transformed to ketones. Ketones can be very beneficial for the brain, and scientists have been studying them for treatments of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Coconut oil is famous as an anti-ageing agent because it penetrates into the deepest layers of the epidermis, moisturizing and restructuring it more intensely. It removes dead cells through a natural “peeling” process that leaves the skin rejuvenated, with a bright and velvety sheen. As an ingredient in hair masks it fights frizzing, dry scalp, dandruff and dry hair. It is ideal for use in de-makeup products, wiping off even the “toughest” waterproof mascara. In face masks, it functions as moisturizer and anti-bacterial agent. It can moisturize effectively very dry areas of the body such as heels and elbows, while added to sunscreen it offers efficient protection from the sun (natural protection UV 10) and from dryness. It is a favourite ingredient for lip balms, night creams, anti-cellulitis massage as well as for breath freshening and whiter teeth!

Since it is drinkable, the coconut base oil brings an exotic taste and is a very healthy alternative that is metabolized very quickly, enhancing the body’s fat burning processes!

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