• In case of our company mistake, we fully refund the money that corresponds to the value of the order and the shipping costs.

• In the event that any mistake on the part of our company does not occur, only the amount of money corresponding to the value of the products is returned and the shipping costs (both for the original order and for the return) are charged exclusively to the customer. In case of deposit in a different bank from the cooperating ones, the transaction costs are charged to the customer.

• Returns are accepted by appointment and only if the products are unused and in their original condition. Otherwise, the refund will not be accepted.

• Refunds will be made within 14 days of the return and receival of the products by our company.

• To refund your money you must tell us the account to which you want the deposit to be made.

• If the return is not made within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt or some of the return conditions are not met, has the right not to accept the products back and not to replace them.

• Please notify us by phone or email of product return before shipment.

Cancellation of orders
You can cancel your order, if you wish, without charge, provided that the products have NOT been shipped from our store and within 8 working hours (working hours are considered the opening hours of the physical store).

Remarks reserves the right to cancel or modify its return policy by publishing the relevant new terms and conditions.

In case of repeated returns or in case, in the absolute judgment, considers that the customer is abusing the right of return or acting in bad faith, reserves the right to refuse the return of the product even if the above terms and conditions are met.