At the Biologos company we are extremely careful and responsible concerning the safety of the people who trust us. Essential oils are beneficial for our well being as long as we use them according to the safety instructions. Read carefully below in order to ensure the best possible results from the use of essential oils, according to each variety, your age or your special health conditions. And remember: it is suggested that you use essential oils after consulting your physician or your aromatherapist.

Special precautions for usage:

– We NEVER use essential oils UNDILUTED ON THE SKIN. They are very strong and may cause adverse reactions such as irritations. We always dilute them in another oil, usually a base oil.
– Essential oils from citrus fruit (Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon etc.) may cause photo-sensitivity in case of exposure to ultra-violent sunlight immediately after use. For this reason, if we have used an essential oil of this kind on our skin, we go out in the sun at least after 4 hours have assed.
– When using the essential oils below, you should reduce dosage in case of use by children or older people.

If you belong to one of the categories below, use essential oils ONLY
AFTER ADVICE by a physician or aromatherapist:
– Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
– Babies and children until 1 year old
– People who suffer from disorders of the nervous system
– People with high blood pressure


All essential oils are NOT drinkable! And even the drinkable ones should be ingested with great care AND ONLY AFTER ADVICE AND INSTRUCTION BY A PHYSICIAN.

Usage of essential oils in compress

Use a container with water (hot or cold). For every half litre of water, add 4-6 drops of essential oils (in total, if using more than one kind of oil). Mix well to dissolve and wet a clean cloth with the mixture, squeeze well and place it on the part of the skin that requires care.

Usage of essential oils in the bathtub (immersion in water)
Dosage of essential oil use in the bathtub is as follows:
– For people aged 12-65, 7-12 drops are enough.
– For people aged 1-12 or over 65 as well as for pregnant women,
IF THE DOCTOR ALLOWS IT, 2-6 drops. (The younger or older
the person is, the less drops are used from this dosage.)

RECOMMENDATION: Add the essential oil drops after you have filled the bathtub and not while the water is still flowing, because essential oil may evaporate. Lukewarm or hot water is preferable.

Usage of essential oils in diffuser
According to your apparatus and its size (Vaporizer, Diffuser, Oil Burner, Bulb Ring) as well as the size of your space, the recommended amount of essential oil to be used may vary.

In general, the following usage is appropriate for most diffusers:
2-3 drops of essential oil / 10 ml of water

Usage of essential oils in massage

We remind you that we never use undiluted essential oils on our skin. So, we need a base oil in which to add our essential oils, at a percentage that is never over 2-3% of the base oil.

ATTENTION: The above percentage of essential oil refers to the general category of people aged 12-65 and should be reduced in the case of older or younger individuals.

1,5% essential oil for persons aged 6-12
1%  essential oil for persons aged 4-6 and over 65
0,2-0,5% essential oil for: babies and pregnant women (use the
lowest level) and persons aged 1-4 (use the highest level)

To calculate the amounts of essential oil more easily, remember the following:
Each drop of essential oil amounts to 0,05 ml.
Each 10 ml container amounts to 200 drops of essential oil.

ACCORDINGLY: If we have 100 ml of base oil, we multiply by 0,02 (2%) in order to find the right amount of essential oil to be used.
That is: 100ml × 0,02 = 2 ml

Thus, we will need 2 ml of essential oil for 100 ml of base oil. In order to find how many drops are contained in 2 ml of essential oil, we calculate as follows:
2 ÷ 0,05 = 40 drops

How to store essential oils

Essential oils must be stored away from ultraviolet sunlight because they become oxidized. Also, undiluted essential oils must not be stored in plastic containers or bottles, because they may be diluted.

Store essential oils in bottles or containers made of dark glass and place them in a dark and cool place. Keep in mind that essential oils are flammable! So avoid warm places or sites near heat sources. Close the container well because essential oils evaporate easily.